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Dear friends, colleagues, collaborators, partners

As the New Year approaches, Luton Roma Trust would like to extend its gratitude to all collaborators, partners, colleagues and friends for all their amazing support throughout the year.

It’s been the hardest year of all and we have passed through multiple changes and had to adjust our ways of working in many ways. Despite the fact that we had to work remotely for long time or working both remotely and being in the office, we have done our best to support the Roma community and be next to them at their point of need. Since the pandemic started we have been able to help approximately 500 families with more than a 1000 interventions. We will continue our work in the New Year and are hopeful that better times will come.

May the New Year be filled with success and achievements for you and your dear ones! Happy New Year

Crina Morteanu, LRT Manager.

Martin's Christmas greeting message!
Te aven bahtale, Romale!
Inregistrați-vă pentru școală / Register for school
Biroul nostru se re-deschide dupa lockdown
Reminder - apply to EUSS
Nu uitati sa apllicati la rezidenta in Marea Britanie.
Office closure
Crina Morteanu informs about office closure during the 2nd lockdown,
Fraud alert: keep your personal data safe - Romanian
Crina Morteanu's message to the community: be alert whom you share your personal data with!
Go to school - Romanian
Paul Sayers encourages parents to send their children to school from September 2020

Martin writes July 2017...

Welcome to our newly launched website which has just gone live!   We would love to receive your feedback - just go to 'contact' section and drop us an email.  It's an exciting time for LRT as we welcome on board two new trustees - both Roma representing their own people - in keeping with the principle "nothing about them without them!"     Thanks to the Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation - Luton London Airport Youth Fund, we are able to keep our Roma Education Champion post open for a second year.  Paul Sayers will continue with this work as our invitations from local schools continue to come our way.  Having had a look at our website, you may feel you would like to make a donation to Luton Roma Trust - just go to 'home page/about us/support us'  to find out how you can do this very simply.  Watch this space!  We will keep you up to date as the work with the Luton Roma community continues to unfold.