Crina Morteanu is a young Romani woman who was born in a village in the south of Romania in a Roma musician family. During her primary and high school years, due to her ethnicity, Crina faced discrimination from both colleagues and teachers. However, these experiences did not put her down but encouraged her even more to study law in order to be able to defend herself and her family from discrimination. While pursuing her bachelors in law, Crina discovered human rights as a tool to fight against discrimination. As a result, in 2009, Crina completed with honours her Masters of Laws in Human Rights at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, where her career began to take shape. 

Since then, Crina has been focusing her work on Roma rights and as such she collaborated with some of the most prestigious national and international non-governmental organizations as well as European institutions in Europe including the European Roma Rights Centre, the Roma Education Fund, the Open Society Foundations, the Chance for Children Foundation and the European Commission. In 2016, Crina was the Human Rights Counselor of the Romanian Minister of Justice where she managed the portfolio of the Romanian penitentiary system as well as contributed, inter alia, to the implementation of some of the activities comprised within the Romanian Roma Strategy 2015-2020. 

Crina believes that education is the key and one of her research interests is to understand how the right to education of Romani children can remain unaffected when thinking of the social and legal challenges that most of them face.