LRT Public Statement on Airport events_FEB_ 2021

Lrt Draft Public Statement On Airport Events Feb 2021


04 February 2021, Luton

                                                                                                                  Public Statement

It is a fact that Roma in Europe face a lot of discrimination in all areas of public life. Furthermore, anti-Gypsism (a particular form of racism based on prejudice and stereotypes) is prevalent in society today. The Council of Europe and other organisations have already acknowledged the vulnerable position of the Roma.

The recent London Luton Airport poster in both Romanian and Romani languages, informing passengers of a mandatory negative COVID test when departing from the airport, gave rise to debates in the Romanian press and society. In particular, Romanian citizens have been criticising the announcement explaining that having both languages on the same panel amounts to confusion between Romanian nationals and Roma people, who they wouldn’t want to be identified with.

In this context, Luton Roma Trust welcomes London Luton Airport’s initiative and effort to make sure that Roma are informed in a language that they understand and we will remain open to continuing working with the airport for the benefit of the Luton Roma community and the airport passengers.

Luton Roma Trust condemns any form of racism and hate speech and calls for the Romanian and English authorities to take effective measures on eradicating racism against the Roma.