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Census 2021 information in Romanian
"I feel safe now!"
Martin Burrell is sharing his own opinion and experience about the anti-coronavirus vaccine.
Martin Burrell's personal message in Romanes about the Covid-19 vaccine
165 years of Roma freedom from slavery
EUSS share code
In this video we explain in Romanes language how to access and share your EUSS "share code" with people who might request it, for instance with the landlord or your employer.
keep your personal data safe
UK - extended lockdown
the lockdown in the UK was extended until 8th of March
NEW EUSS video in Romanian language is live now
NEUK & LRT: EUSS live Q&A session in Romanes
webinar against Domestic Violence
Coronavirus update: Luton
video in Romanes
EUSS information in Romanes
Apply now!


EUSS live session with Settled
2nd of feb at 2pm we will be live on​ see full information here:​
Grow and glow - Nefeli project
LRT is honoured to contribute to the NEFELI Project's Social Media Campaign in solidarity with the UN Women's "Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!", dedicated to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25th Nov) and International Human Rights Day (10th Dec).

Coronavirus information

covid-19 test result prior to your flights from Luton Airport
Assen Slavcev speaks about the coronavirus impact over the Roma community in Luton
an interview for Radio Romano
Fraud alert: keep your personal data safe - Romanian
New lockdown rules - in Romanes
a joint video resource of the Roma Reality show and Luton Roma Trust
New lockdown rules - Romanian
Luton Roma Trust produced a new coronavirus video, with main information on the new lockdown restrictions in England, according to the governmental guidance.
Crina Morteanu's message of gratitude to the Coronavirus Community Support Fund
LRT office closure announcement - Romanian
During the second lockdown (5th Nov - 2nd Dec) the office will be close. Contact our team if you need suppport.
Cum sa va protejati pe timpul pandemiei covid-19
How to keep safe from coronavirus! Follow the main instructions. Video in Romanian language
How to order a covid19 test - in Romanes
How to order a covid19 test - in Romanian
a joint video resource of the Roma Reality show and Luton Roma Trust
National Insurance Number applications during lockdown - Romanian
Luton - medium alert level
According to the new coronavirus alert system, Luton is considered to be at the Medium level. See the video to find out what does this alert level imply.
Paul Sayers encourages parents to send their children to school from September 2020
Video in Romanian