Advocate for the Roma community in Luton

To complement the work we do empowering members of the Roma community in order to improve their health, education and employment, we also increase cultural awareness and advocate for them in the community, including public sector and third sector organisations. We promote healthy, cross-cultural dialogue between the Roma and the wider community. In doing so, we challenge the stereotyping of the Roma people and the prejudices held against them, and promote mutual tolerance and respect between the Roma and the wider community. We also represent the Roma community in national policy and decision-making to have our voice heard. 


The Roma community in Luton have a low level of education and English skills, and as a result there is a high level of dependence on Luton Roma Trust for support to access public and social services. Consequently, we are also working with these local and national services and decision-making bodies to make sure that they are more inclusive and better equipped to meet the community’s needs.

Current Initiatives

Mediating between community and the police – communicating requirements of the police, communicating the source of the community’s problems to find solutions.

We are part of a Roma charities network – and we ensure the Luton community is represented in national decision-making (e.g. contributing reports) 

Department of Education GRT action group – representation sent from LRT.

Roma interagency forum: established contacts.

Childcare/safeguarding case – cultural mediation (explaining to the judge the context of the community and specific cases).

Our work in Action

There was a court case against the parents of a young woman/girl who ran away. She had run away for a day trip to London with a friend. However, the incident had led to accusations against the family of sexual exploitation. Thanks to Luton Roma Trust’s involvement, the situation was resolved: Luton Roma Trust helped to uncover and communicate the misunderstanding to the authorities; instead of being taken into care, the girl was closely monitored, and now she is not closely monitored at all. Without the charity, the family would have been split up based on false accusations.

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