Immigration and residency rights

All our team members are Level 1 Immigration advisers (OISC accreditation). Get in touch with us if you need immigration information.

Luton Roma Trust was actively involved in supporting Roma community in Luton with EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) awareness raising and application process.

Currently we keep updating our community members about changes to the immigration system in the UK through our social media accounts. Be up-to-date with us:

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This is a series of 5 Q&A’s about EUSS in post-Brexit UK. We answer the most relevant questions about EU Settlement Scheme after the grace period in 3 different languages: Romanian, Romanes and Bulgarian. These videos were made with the support of Settled.

Question 1 – An EU citizen asks: Was the deadline on 30.06.2021 and can I apply if I had missed it?

Question 2 – An EU citizen asks: What can I do if my application for settled or pre-settled status is refused?

Question 3 – An EU citizen asks: Can my family members, who are still outside the UK apply for a status and join me in the UK?

Question 4 – An EU citizen asks: What should I do when I need to travel abroad and then return to the UK?

Question 5 – An EU citizen asks: How can I update, prove and access my digital status?

See our EUSS video-reminder in Romanes language:

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