Luton Roma Trust can support you to find and get good accommodation.

If you have found a place to rent, here are some steps to follow:

  • Get a tenancy agreement from the agency or landlord.
  • Get receipts for every payment you make to the agency or the landlord. Never give large sums of money without requesting a receipt!  
  • Take photos of the accommodation before you move in: when you move out you can show the agency/landlord that you have left the property as you found it and then receive back the deposit you paid when you moved in. 
  • If you have problems in your house/flat, make a list of the problems and take pictures. Common problems are: damp walls, leaking roof, boiler not working, no hot water or heating, rubbish in the garden, rats or mice, doors not closing. We will then need to complain to the agency or landlord; if nothing is done to sort the problems, then we will go with you to the council to complain. The agency or landlord then has to sort the problems.  
  • If your agency wants to put up your rent, they have to tell you in writing beforehand. Contact us if this happens and we can advise you.
  • If your agency wants to evict you, they have to give you a special letter called a “Notice of Eviction” before they can tell you to leave. It then takes at least two months before you would have to leave by court order. If you are told to leave in a threatening way before this happens, then call the police, call us, and we will go with you to the council to complain. Remember to keep all your rent receipts.  
  • It’s important to keep a record of all the places you lived in the UK and the dates you lived there. This information will be useful when you claim for housing benefit and if you want to apply for permanent right to reside in the UK.  

If you need help with housing, contact us: office@lutonromatrust.org.uk 

Contactați-ne dacă aveți nevoie de ajutor: office@lutonromatrust.org.uk