Luton Roma Trust

Welcome to Luton Roma Trust

Luton Roma Trust is a registered charity based in Luton. Our aim is to help the local Roma who have migrated to the UK in recent years to rebuild their lives in the town.

We support the Roma community across three key areas of work:

Empowering the Roma community in Luton
We support members of the to access accommodation, education, welfare, health care and employment. In doing so, we empower the Roma to engage more actively in the life of the town, seek employment, and to understand their community and their rights as citizens of the UK.
Advocating for the Roma community in Luton

To complement the work we do empowering members of the Roma community, we also support the wider community to be inclusive of the Roma community (by raising cultural awareness and advocating for Roma needs, including in public sector and third sector organisations).

Developing a sense of cultural identity
We foster the health of our community through the celebration of Roma culture, language, and heritage and nurturing community-led development initiatives so that our unique community thrives for future generations.


On the evening of 8th of February, the Luton Roma Trust and supporters held a protest in front of The Grove Theatre in Dunstable, where the comedian Jimmy Carr was set to perform a show in which he mentiones the „positives” of Roma being killed during the Holocaust.

As a result of our protest the show was delayed with 1 hours. Due to the efforts of the entire GRT community, the theater manager assured us that the comedian will not repeat that unacceptable joke in his new show.

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Our statement was supported by Rachel Hopkins Luton North MP, Luton Council of Mosques and Luton Sunni Council Council of Mosques.

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