Luton Roma Trust can support you to find and get a job.

The first step to getting employment is getting a National Insurance Number (NINo); everyone in the UK needs a NINo to get work.

We can help you get a NINo:

  • First, you need proof of identity (national identity card or passport), and evidence of the address where you are living. 
  • You also have to hold Settled or Pre-Settled status prior to your application.
  • Further, we will call to make you an appointment. This will usually be in Hatfield or Bedford – about an hour’s drive away. Take someone with you who speaks English if you are still learning.  

Your NINo will not change if you lose it. If you lose your NINo, JobCentre Plus will still have it: we can contact them to get it back, but we will need to tell them what your address was when you first applied. So, keep a note of all your past addresses!

Find more information on the governmental website.

Watch our video message:

If you need help, get in touch with us: office@lutonromatrust.org.uk 

Contactați-ne dacă aveți nevoie de ajutor: office@lutonromatrust.org.uk